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About Us

We’re the social enterprise solution to classes. With us, you’ll be able to create an education event that fits the needs of both you and your students.


We are personal

We are your neighborhood company that you can see or talk to. We offer a personal concierge if needed to create your online course.

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We are affordable

We’re not the middleman reseller; we're a platform that charges a very low commission rate to give you an opportunity to try out your business in a new and exciting way.

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We are visible

We are an integrated media company with nearly 4 million readers every month. When you become a partner, news about your company reaches our readership base.

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We offer you

Two methods of delivery

In-Person or Online Classes

We offer you

Two types of instructon

Group Classes or Private Instruction

We offer you

Simple Management

Manage multiple listings from one account

We offer you

Instant Growth

Reach bigger audiences and grow your classes faster

We offer you

Industry Low Commission

A platform that helps you succeed without skimming your profits.

Price Plan

There are no subscription fees. Cancel anytime without penalty. As simple as that.


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Register before our launch and get this amazing deal!

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