Travel and learn photography with InFocusVisions

Photography classes and workshops can be found all around the city, so it’s important to learn about which one best fits your skills and needs when searching.

InFocusVisions offers your normal photography classes teaching you all you need to know, while incorporating some unique ones, like their course that focuses solely on photographing musicians.

The photography company is the brainchild of Fredda Gordon and Debra Rothenberg and has been an outlet for teaching New York City photographers since 2014. Rothenburg is an award-winning, career photographer whose book, “Bruce Springsteen In Focus” won multiple awards and was ranked on Amazon’s list of bestsellers for several months.

Gordon, who is also a career photographer has had her work featured in New York City galleries and group shows. She currently serves as a board member for the Professional Women Photographers and focuses on shooting concerts, and proms to name a few.

“One of our unique offerings are our team taught lessons,” Gordon said. “Two teachers to one student is a very special way to learn new skills and is a lot of fun. Our group classes are always small so that each student can get the personalized attention they deserve.”

InFocusVisions hosts trips to Cuba where you can travel and learn photography (Photo: Fredda Gordon)

The two photographers combined their passion and skills in photography to bring “exciting, inspirational, and hands-on workshops to not only the Big Apple, but also cities abroad. One of their hopes is to build a camaraderie between their students and have a vested interest in those who participate in their courses.

“We love it when people feel empowered to shoot more and gain the confidence to show their work more,” Gordon said. “We encourage students to keep in touch after our classes and share their accomplishments. We welcome questions and continue to provide guidance after a class ends.”

If you’re tired of only using your camera in automatic mode and want to get more out of it (and more for all the money you paid for it), InFocusVisions is here to save the day. They offer both private and group instruction to fit your learning needs. From basic photography skills to editing softwares and website design and management, they will teach you all you need to know to fine-tune your hobby and maybe even make a career out of it. For the millennials or techies, they even offer a course that teaches iPhone photography, so you can have the best Instagram photos of all your friends.

Outside of New York City, they also offer guided photography tours. During the year, they take a trip to Cuba and another to Death Valley to provide an opportunity to shoot in different and exciting places. Through these trips, you will have the opportunity to learn about and shoot the culture and sights of these destinations.

However, if trips to Cuba and Death Valley are not in your budget at the moment, their classes right here in the city provide a ton of information. Most of their classes range in price from $100 to $150. That’s a pretty good deal considering most are three hours long, and some even allow you to register two people for the $150 price tag. Nothing’s better than a good two-for-one deal.

They will even organize group events at your location of choice, for students who live in the city, or those who are just visiting.

Adventure outside of NYC with one of InFocusVisions’ trips (Photo: Fredda Gordon).

A line up of courses offered by InFocusVisions includes Portrait Photography, Street Shooting in NYC, a Central Park Night Shoot, Editing and Workflow, a rock and roll-focused workshop on shooting musicians, and many more. Gordon says they take into account people’s different skills, backgrounds and learning speeds in photography and adjust their courses to reflect this.

“We are patient and caring and will stick with you and move at your pace and you will have fun in the process,” she said. “Through repetition and perseverance we will help you accomplish your goals. In addition, you will find that your goals can shift and change as your knowledge grows. It is very exciting to see the glimmer of understanding grow into full-fledged mastery.”

Gordon says she and Rothenberg remain committed to making sure their courses are “inspirational, long-lasting, and fun” for their participants.

It’s important to take note that some of the classes, like Editing and Workflow, recommend prior photography experience, but it’s not necessary.

Unlike some photography courses, your experience continues long after your three hour session or trip. Once you take a course with InFocusVisions, you’ll remain a member of their student community as they will continue to work with you down the road.

“We provide projects for continued learning long after the formal lessons have ended,” Gordon said. “Many of our clients return for more lessons or join us on trips. We are excited about what we do and it shows.”