Take your business skills to the next level with software training

It’s a dog eat dog world out there and your company needs to put its best foot forward to compete and excel. To make sure you have all the tools and technology you need to do this, the Manhattan-based NYIM Training is here to save the day.

NYIM Training provides computer training to worker bees all across the city. If it’s a software you might need for business, they have the trained experts available to help you learn everything you need to know. According to their website, they have more than a decade of experience and are the highest rated computer training facility in New York City.  Whether it’s a group training class or a private course, NYIM’s Nick Solony said, the company strives to provide “number one service” while providing practical training that improves job efficiency and productiveness.

“We are currently rolling out all new curriculums, and building a suite of video tutorials that will supplement our offerings to help our students practice and refresh their memories after our in-person classes,” Solony said.

NYIM offers courses on everything business-related (as far as computer software goes) from Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, Word, Outlook, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, and much more. Not everyone grew up in the technology age, where computers and software have become second nature, but it’s necessary to know the majority of these programs in today’s business world. On another note, learning and tackling many of these programs can be extremely useful for picking up freelance opportunities that can be done as a side gig.

Whether you’re looking to pick up extra skills on your own, or have an entire staff that could use some training, NYIM can provide training at their Union Square facility’s classrooms, or send trainers out to you.

“We travel all over New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, and have even had trainers fly down to Atlanta to deliver training,” Solony adds. “We will always go out of our way to accommodate our clients’ needs.”

You don’t need to be computer illiterate to benefit from NYIM’s classes either. They also offer courses for those who would consider themselves advanced or even beyond that. There’s no level of computer knowledge they won’t cover. Colony said whether you’re just getting started, or you know the ins and outs of programs, these classes are an investment toward your career.

“Many of our students tell us how our courses have been the best investment of time and money they ever made,” he said. “We have helped thousands of students advance their skills and efficiency to help secure new jobs and promotions.”

Promotions and goals they will help you achieve every step of the way.

“We offer free retakes on our courses to help students who struggle the first time around,” Solony said.”We also offer private 1 on 1 training for those who want an individualized curriculum. If you are focused on getting ahead, NYIM Training is the right place for you!”

An example of a classroom you can find at NYIM (Photo: Nick Solony)

If you’re focused on your career, you will have to shell out some cash to secure a spot in their classroom. Private training rates for one person cost about $400 for a half day (four hours) and $640 for a full day (eight hours). The more people per group, the more it will cost. When you think about it though, this is a small investment if it means more productivity and efficiency in the long run. It can sometimes also mean you will also earn more money in the long run.

“We have students who ave taken multiple courses over multiple years with us, and continue to refer new business,” Solony said.

Many reviewers complimented the company for having patient and helpful trainers that worked with them every step of the way. Others praised NYIM’s courses calling them “comprehensive” and “clear” while also fitting the specific level of skills they are intended to teach.

Colony said the company has big plans ahead, as they continue to strive to provide the best service possible to their clients.

“We are currently re-modelling all of our major curriculums and adding video tutorials to bring our service to a new level!” he added.

As technology and business continue to expand and intersect, having NYIM Training around can take your skills and opportunities to new levels, with a little hard work and time. Solony said, so far, the company has had nothing but success and satisfaction from clients who have participated in their programs. 

“Our reviews on yelp and google are top in the industry, and it makes us feel great to know that our effort to put the client first has been well received,” he said.

Improve your career or company today by signing up for one of NYIM Training’s thorough classes.