Spend quality time with your kid while learning something new

If you feel as if your kids are growing to quickly and your time with them is slipping away, you’ve come to the right place. Finding constructive activities for your “almost teenagers” is tough, but one New York City business is hoping to change that while changing how you interact with your kids.

B2 Events is a unique business that plans cool and fun activities for tweens and their parents to participate in together. Their definition of “tween” is those who are in between being a child and being a teenager. In my opinion this is also that awkward age range, where kids think they’re too cool for everything and constantly unimpressed. B2 Event’s tackle that and are geared to those who are between ages eight and thirteen years old.

“Remember when you took ‘mommy and me’ classes?” said Founder Allison Zaslow.”Bonding with other parents and your kids all in one. Fast forward ten years, endless opportunities for the kids to be without you!”

Zaslow makes a good point as tweens are getting into those “busy ages” where there’s always a sports and band practice, or after-school lesson. When they’re not in the midst of academic or extracurricular activities, they more than likely want to hangout with friends. Next thing you know, they are busy teenagers, then they are off on their own in college.

Founders Katy Goldman and Allison Zaslow created B2 Events from their shared unease of how fast the years were flying by, when they realized how their own children were quickly “reaching double digits.” The mothers, who met dropping off their kids at their local gym’s babysitting service, decided they didn’t want to lose time with their kids. So the moms, one with a background in finance and the other in media programming, set out to create B2 Events NYC.

Participants attend a baking class with B2 Events (Photo: B2 Events)

“We are thrilled to offer events for you and your family to learn and have fun together,” Zaslow said.

The company tries to focus on fun and new experiences for the kids, while they are still sophisticated enough so parents can also learn from and enjoy them. Zaslow adds that participation is not exclusive to only parents. According to their website, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and close family friends can also accompany the tweens.

Whether you and your kid are interested in art, culture, baking, fitness, or exploring the many neighborhoods of New York City, B2 Events has something to interest everyone. There is also no semester commitment, so it’s easy to plan for an outing that fits you and your child’s busy schedules.

“Our kids are older now, capable and eager to learn,” said Zaslow. “Joining in with B2 is a win-win; they learn, we learn and we spend time together.”

All courses are small group classes that provide instruction from an expert instructor. Many of the courses offer useful “life tips” that can stay with you and your tween for years to come.

“Our goal is to learn something today and then be able to continue to hone those skills at home together,” Zaslow said.

Courses also follow current trends and hot topics. For example, a mother-daughter, “tech empowerment course” focused on educating both moms and daughters of the ins and outs of social media and the basics of technology. The course also discusses the ever-important topic of how technology impacts children’s development. They have also offered coding courses open to all parent-child pairs.

If you’re looking for something a little more hands-on and “fun,” baking classes are a good place to start and a win-win since you get to eat what you bake. B2 Events teams up with local businesses (like Magnolia Bakery) to hold courses instructed by some of the best, to help you and your child create memorable experiences in the kitchen.

For adventurous families, the neighborhood excursions offer a unique experience while teaching you more about the Big Apple. Classes like bird watching in Central Park and guided hikes are a common part of B2’s curriculum. A past event focused on exploring Inwood Park’s caves and even taught primitive fire making and the history of the tribe who once lived in the area.

B2 is always adding new courses and experiences to change up the game, so you will always have something new to try out. You’ll also find information about fitness, self-defense, photography, magic, and many more classes on their official Facebook page. 

Clearly, B2 Events is dedicated to maintaining a strong bond between tweens and parents, while also cultivating knowledge and interests in various subjects. You can learn a lot more about the different topics they cover on their website’s official blog. Since their founding in 2015, B2 has been awarded by New York Family Pick Classes, Kidpass Parents’ Choice, and even featured in the New York Times.

There’s no doubt, you and your child will have an enjoyable and memorable time attending one of the B2 Events programs. Most importantly, you never know what career interests one of the classes might spark in you or your child.