Register your kid for a one-of-a-kind music and arts camp in the city

A new music and dance camp is making its big debut in the city with the goal to get more kids interested in performing arts.

The Arts Dance Music Camp of Rego Park is a combined venture between The DanceSource and Varta Academy, two well-known dance schools in Queens, New York.


Launching in Summer 2017, it will be the first and only performing and creative summer camp in its area. Each day, participants will get their share of art, dance and music classes for the duration of the camp.

The DanceSource and Varta Academy are conveniently located a block away from each other, so summer camp participants will split their time each day between the two locations. The DanceSource owner, Diane Petty, said each day will be a new adventure as the kids learn how to dance, sing, make puppets, read music, sew and much more. She said they are dedicated to helping young people explore and find their passions.

“Enjoying something is the first step to learning,” she adds. “Summer is the best time to explore and experiment. We are here to help! Our professional faculty has years of experience guiding students through their creative journey.”

Currently, the camp is open to kids ages five to teenagers age eighteen. So basically, they cover a wide range of skill sets, so your child doesn’t have to be the next musical prodigy to attend and learn something from the camp. However, it probably works best if they at least have a little bit of interest in music and/or dance.

“Our goal is to attract an excited and motivated group of campers who are eager to dive into all we have to offer,” said Petty. “Our professionally trained faculty awaits the opportunity to pass on their knowledge and passion for the creative and performing arts. And who knows maybe someone will find their new inspiration with us this summer!”

Unlike many summer camps around the city, it has a unique schedule allowing you to tailor the camp to you and your family’s schedule. The camp begins Friday, June 30th and lasts until Friday, August 18th. While the camps runs from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. each day, you have the option to enroll in full day, half day, or any number of days and weeks that work for you. They even offer a convenient late pickup time (6 p.m.) at an additional fee for working parents who need a few more hours in the day.

A range of dance styles are available for kids to learn at camp (Photo: Arts Dance Music Camp).

So what will a typical day at The Arts Dance Music Camp look like? With the exception of the first day’s orientation, the last day, and field trips, Petty said each day will start with some calming and relaxing yoga time at 8:15 a.m. Children will then be spilt between the two academies. At The DanceSource, kids will learn from a wide range of dances class (everything from ballet to hip hop). While, at Varta Academy, they will be immersed in interesting and exciting music and composition classes (including pop, jazz and drums).

“We offer a fully rounded camp to our campers, one that doesn’t just focus on one element, but brings together a full array of art forms to study this summer,” Petty said.

With both academies, the one-of-a-kind camp is able to offer seven different classes per day. Each class, of course, is taught by an experienced professional who is accustomed to working with kids.

In addition to academy days, the kids will also get out and explore the city with field trips, planned at least once a week, to some of the well-known museums and other venues.

“Our main focus is to have our campers learn while having fun and enjoying different activities every day,” Petty said.

Prices for camp range from around $300 to nearly $3,000 depending on what type of schedule and how may weeks you choose. Petty said they do provide a discount for families enrolling two or more children into the summer program.

At the end of the camp session, parents will get a chance to see the results of their hard-earned money and weeks of camp. As the kids learn each day, they will be working on their final performances, so they can show their parents just what they got out of the yoga, music, and dance-filled program all summer.

This camp is perfect if you’re child is just getting their feet wet when it comes to music and dance, or if there’s just not enough time during the school year to dedicate to their passion. They will have a full immersive and educational experience during their days at The Arts Dance Music Camp of Rego Park. 

And don’t worry, there’s still time left, to register!