Sculpt your way through New York City

New York City is filled with a number of unique classes and programs, and is a haven for art lovers and aficionados. If you want to get in touch with your creative side and step outside the box, Sip ’n Sculpt is the place to go to unwind from a busy day.

“In NYC, you never know what to expect,” said Jennifer Barrett of Sip ’n Sculpt. “That’s why at Sip ‘n Sculpt, we aim for art to imitate NYC life.”

Participants will find unique classes where they will have the opportunity to sculpt whatever their artistic heart desires with the help of professional instructors. However, unlike many art classes you might find in the city, what you will not find here is a pre-determined blueprint for what they want you to create, so everyone ends up with the same thing at the end of an event. Instead, you will find that they really allow you to unleash your creativity.

“There are no rules or pre-determined sculptures to make, just a weekly theme with visual sparks for inspiration and expert sculptors and teachers to guide you in realizing your personal vision,” Barrett said. “Feel free to socialize and catch up with friends or meet new ones as you create!”

While you can benefit and learn from pre-determined art, nothing really compares to just letting it flow and seeing what results.

“The meditative nature of clay lends itself to participants enjoying a more exploratory experience, why we answer with a low-key instructional approach,” said Barrett. “We aim to put the mystique back into art, not take it away through step-by-step instruction as such.”

To make the class even better, all their classes have options for you to enjoy a cool beverage while you work (hence the “sip” part), and some even have an option for food. I don’t know about you, but food plus alcohol plus art sounds like a fantastic way to take a break from your busy life and the hustle and bustle of New York City. It is also a great place to go with friends, or a great place to meet new friends.

Sip ’n Sculpt provides a variety of class and event options for those interested, like weekly or monthly events, private events, and even corporate events. Having venues in both Brooklyn and Manhattan helps them to expand their services to more people around the city, also making them more convenient to participants. They use partnering venues that have bars and food to make sure students are accommodated throughout the class.

Students are free to create any sculpture they want (Photo: Jennifer Barrett)

Classes and workshops feature talented guest sculptors allowing participants to see art from their perspective and maybe even gain a little inspiration.

If you have a group of ten or more folks, maybe for a birthday party, bachelor/bachelorette party of just an occasion out with friends, they will take care off all the planning, from the venue to the theme of your event. For private events, if you all are more comfortable with a step-by-step instruction process, they will do that too.

“Anyone can learn art-making techniques, whether it is drawing, painting, or sculpture, Barrett said. “If you have the interest, we have the tools and techniques to guide you in realizing your personal vision.”

Most recently, Sip ’n Sculpt has incorporated a corporate curriculum into their schedule because even people in suits need to be creative every now and then. With two different corporate packages, you and your colleagues can focus on innovation and creation, or team building a masterpiece. Either way, it’s sure to be beneficial to the work environment in a number of ways.

Barrett added that anyone with an open mind can find enjoyment from one of their classes. However, if you are looking for something that focuses on hand building ceramics with a kiln, this is not the place to find it. Most importantly, though, you will find a place that celebrates creativity and the creative process.

“The creative process is not glamorous,” she said. “Inspiration culminating in a work of art is. We are passionate about creativity, and the not-so-glamorous, yet exciting creative process, with all its hills and valleys, tangents, and the occasional moment of brilliance.”

For your next outing, party, or time to unwind, sign up for a Sip ’n Sculpt class where you will find one of the more unique and relaxed pottery classes in New York City. When you finish one of their classes, you’ll leaving feeling more creative and more artistic.

“We find that our participants enjoy a more relaxed, exploratory approach,” said Barrett. “We demonstrate basic skills and techniques, then allow for plenty of play time, guiding participants as needed. We believe that creativity and personal vision is the secret sauce, where technical processes are elevated to art.”