Learn from a top-ranked NYC acting school

If you daydream about seeing your name in flashing lights or seeing your face on the cover of the next Hollywood blockbuster, New York City is a good place to start.

For the most part, if you want to pursue acting, you either need to pack your bags and head to sunny Hollywood or the concrete jungle of New York City. While Los Angeles is the most popular  location when it comes to film and television, nobody beats The Big Apple when it comes to theater.

According to Spotlight on Broadway, New York’s Theater District dates back to the early 1900s and has been a staple to the city since then. The city is overflowing with talented individuals who make it their livelihood to entertain. If this all sounds like it’s right up your ally, you’ll find your place (and passion) at the New York Acting School for Film and TV.

The school has had so much success, CBS listed them as one of the Top 5 Acting Schools in NYC.

Here, you will learn from a group of highly skilled and trained faculty of actors as well as from the multi-talented Mark Stolzenberg who founded the school.

“This school is my personal baby,” Stolzenberg said. “Other schools are just businesses looking to take your money. I love the work and care about all my students.”

The school’s director Mark Stolzenberg. (Photo: NY Acting School for Film and TV)

Stolzenberg alone has a rich background in acting including, 12 feature films, 32 SAG commercials, 35 short films, roles in a TV series, as well as work directing, writing and producing screenplays. When it comes to acting, this man can do it all. He said his passion for the field is what drives him to share with and teach others who are interested.

The other members of the NY Acting School for Film and TV faculty has a similar, diverse background of acting, singing and training.

With the faculty’s combined skills and talents, the school is able to offer one-on-one coaching, classes for television and movie-related acting, improv classes, and special events.

If you have no formal skills and need somewhere to start, the “On-Camera Technique Class” is an essentials course that will get you started on the right foot. Anyone is welcome and participants will have the opportunity to learn about the basics, like where to look, emotions, projecting your voice, and practicing monologues.

You will work on Eye Line (where to look) how to project your voice, emotions, and physicality. I stress believability and vulnerability and have many tricks of the trade to share. I spend time working on close-ups. We do monologues, improvisations, commercials, and some scene work-most of the material is from movies. They offer an option to do nine classes for $550 or eighteen classes for $1,000.

When and if you master the essentials course (and with Stolzenberg’s permission) you can sign up for the Advanced Class. Set up for more experienced individuals, this class provides a chance for actors to focus on their specific needs and how to develop professionally. This includes more difficult work and perfecting your performances. Like the essentials class, there is an option for nine classes and another for eighteen, costing the same prices as the essentials options.

“Anyone who wants to be a film actor can do this,” said Stolzenberg. “You can also use the classes for self improvement. Enhance your communication skills and personal charisma.”

A wide range of classes are offered at the NY Acting School for Film and TV.(Photo: NY Acting School for Film and TV)

If your dream is to star in a movie, there’s a course for that. Over the course of four sessions, you will learn the craft of film acting. With this, you’ll star in a basic production while learning various techniques and “tricks of the trade.” At the end of the course, you’ll receive a downloadable video (filmed and edited by a professional cinematographer) to add to your reel. You might want to save up your money as this course will cost you $700.

If the big screen isn’t really your forte, but you still enjoy acting and want to polish those skills, the NY Acting School for Film and TV’s commercials class is a good fit for you. This class gives you all the information you need to knock out your next commercial audition. They’ll teach about the different types of commercials, how to dress, the use of props and much more. This course is taught over four different classes. 

Aside from their classes, the school also hosts a number of workshops to help boost your acting career. Various workshops will focus on headshots, finding an agent, marketing, and creating and distributing a reel. Stolzenberg also provides private, one-on-one courses if you prefer to not be in a class setting. There’s even an academy for little ones who want to begin their career early.

To top it all off, all NY Acting School for Film and TV’s courses are ongoing, so you can signup and start whenever works best for you.