Lotus leaf painting in the heart of Brooklyn

A Brooklyn studio is combining nature and art, as well as eastern and western traditions to create a one-of-a-kind form of art that you will find nowhere else in or around New York City.

New York City is one of the art capitals of the world and with that title comes an extensive list of art-focused places like museums, shops, galleries, and schools to learn the skills of the craft. With so many places to participate in classes, learning new skills in art, it can seem almost impossible to narrow your choices down to just one.

With traditions rooted in Thai culture, Himapan NYC introduces students to the art of lotus leaf painting. Himapan Studio has studios all over the world, but Tristan de Terves founded Himapan in the U.S. While his career has taken him to places like Paris and New York, his birthplace Thailand inspired his passion for lotus painting.

“While on a trip to Bangkok last year, I fell in love with traditional lotus painting, and connected with native artists to understand and master their techniques,” de Terves said. “Today, we share that knowledge with students our Williamsburg studio, Himapan NYC.”

Students painting on lotus leaves at Himapan (Photo: Himapan)

Himapan is derived from sanskrit and said to be a legendary forest where all beings lived together in harmony and the source of unlimited creativity. The studio reflects this same harmonious, creative environment to allow students to explore their inner talents.

“The natural beauty of theses leaves makes this workshop truly unique and you are sure to bring home a beautiful art piece, even if you are not an expert painter,” said de Terves.

So what exactly is lotus leaf painting? The process all starts with a canvas covered in preserved lotus leaves. All the leaves are meticulously picked in Thailand under environmentally safe practices. De Terves adds that after the lotus leaves are transferred to the canvas, you add beautiful and vibrant colors.

“Lotus flower and leafs symbolize the purity of heart,” he said. “Each lotus canvas is prepared individually in Himapan studio in Bangkok: a fabric is stretched over wooden bars, then overlaid with leaves, forming a surface that—unlike white primed canvas—has the raw contours of the dried leaves. Rather than commanding the colors onto white fabric, you work with the natural surface and stains of the delicate leaves.”

An example of the art you will create at Himapan NYC (Photo: Himapan)

Himapan offers several classes, for artists of all ages and skill sets, every month. While the finished project comes out looking beautiful and very advanced, you do not have to be an advanced student or artist to pull it off.

“No art experience is necessary—our helpful trained instructors will guide you through the two  hour session,” said de Terves.

Each class is instructed by teachers trained in classic studio art, art history, color theory, meditation, and Thai cultural history. There is no question, you will receive expert instruction and have all your questions thoroughly answered with their top-notch team of instructors.

“Our classes are small- no more than12 people, so you’ll have the chance to connect and have one-on-one time with the instructor to guide you in the creation of your work,” de Terves said.

Purchasing a spot in a Himapan class includes all paint materials (including the canvas) and the expert instruction, so all you need to do is show up ready to learn.

For aspiring, young artists, Himapan is a welcoming environment as the hope to spread the practice to all ages. They will host everything from kids birthday parties to adult birthday parties, bachelor/bachelorette parties or networking and team building events. For adult students, they also allow “bring your own beverage” so you can really get the art party started.

Regardless of the event or workshop, when it is all said and done, you will have a unique masterpiece of your own to adorn your home or office. Because these pieces are all about color and texture, they are a beautiful, handmade addition to brighten up any room in your home.  Himapan will even throw in a non-toxic, natural preservative to apply to the painting to ensure your work of art lasts longer and continues to look spectacular for years to come.

So, if you are interested in taking an art class in New York City, why not try something different from the usual canvas paint and draw classes. We can guarantee that Himapan NYC will provide a relaxing, educational, and fun environment, where you might even surprise yourself with what you are able to create in one, two-and-half hour class session.

“The peace and tranquil creativity you experience in our sessions extend beyond just the class—hang your beautiful lotus creation in your home for a warm reminder of your creative power, and a stunning asset to any decor,” de Terves said.