Learn photography in all corners of Manhattan

There are so many sights to see in New York City, which also means for those with an eye for photography, there is a never-ending supply of subjects for your photographs.

Photography classes are all over the city, but each has its on niche and offerings that sets them apart from everyone else. One that falls in this category is the International School of Digital Photography. Don’t let the title scare you — the school serves the Manhattan community from Spanish Harlem all the way down to Chinatown.

The school is all the brainchild of professional photographer Marla Mossman, who has more than 25 years of experience as a fine art and professional photographer. Her work has taken her to the far corners of the world, promoting arts and education through her work in photography. Between photography exhibitions, lectures and presentations, books and documentaries, she is dedicated to using her talents to promote peace and cultural exchange.

Her talents and experiences are reflected through her teaching of workshops at the International School of Digital Photography. In Mossman’s opinion, her workshops are beneficial for people in a multitude of career fields, from architecture and advertising, to history and journalism. She also, of course, caters to the hobbyist photographer who just enjoys the craft in their free time.

No matter your skill level, Mossman believes students in her workshops will leave with a wealth of information and a new skill set that will serve them for life.

Mossman travels around the world shooting photographs (Photo: Marla Mossman).

Participants develop a greater understanding of their camera to enable them to apply this knowledge throughout their lives,” she said. “Participants learn the camera’s capabilities and control the features of the DSLR camera including apertures, shutter speeds, ISOs, to get the full benefit of this intricate digital equipment.”

Once you learn the basics and ins and outs of the camera, students will capture captivating images during the on location classes. The classes provide time to ask and receive answers to questions, walking to find new scenes, and time to put the lessons into practice behind the camera, over a three hour period.

All classes are taught by professional photographers and teachers, who guide the students through ever step of the process. Marla also focuses on providing “the fundamental mechanics of the technique and ways to apply it to improve the everyday photography.”

“Locations include city life and street photography, architecture photography for interiors and exteriors of landmark building, bazaars and markets, landscapes,” she said. “As well as learning tips and techniques in ‘Reportage Photography’ with candid portraits of the local street life.”

Whether you want to focus on portrait photography, the basics, or the “art of seeing through the lines, The International School of Digital Photography can get you on the right track. You will need a camera to participate, but Mossman said a fancy, expensive DSLR is not required, and that even an iPhone camera is acceptable. In their Art of Seeing workshop, instructors will teach you techniques used to create illusions of space, how to make the right lens choice, camera angles and light effects.

For those who have more advanced skills behind the camera, Mossman offers a course to teach Secrets of Professional photographers to give you “knowledge of in-depth field work, while on location.

Mossman’s classes will take you all around the city to shoot photos (Photo: Marla Mossman).

Classes are spread out in different locations, as well as days and times to fit all types of schedules. Classes typically run from Wednesday to Sunday and vary in time depending on where they are held. Mossman conveniently holds workshops in Soho, Chinatown, Spanish Harlem and Central Park locations, so span across The Big Apple. If you find yourself on the west coast, she also has locations in Santa Barbara and San Diego.

Just as she covers all areas of the city, she also covers students from all backgrounds and interests.

“We can have fun seeing thru the lens, learning what inspires you,” Mossman said. “Learning about the Camera functionality and the technical aspects will be easy as I explain and show you how all the buttons and dials work. And, after my 3 hour class, your photographs will be more successful and look better.”

You’ll receive a tailored experience, taking a workshop at the International School of Digital Photography, one unlike many others in the city.

“I listen and learn what each participant likes to photograph, why their pictures do not turn out the way they anticipated,” said Mossman. “Then I inspire them to reach beyond their comfort zones and take the photos they dream about. I make it easy to learn and understand the technical functions of the camera in a learning experience that is fun and informative.”

We hope this article inspires you to learn something new, or improve on the skills you already have, with a fun, educational and adventurous workshop in New York City.