One-of-a-Kind NYC dance class leaves you happy and healthy

If you need to incorporate more fun and joy in your life, look no further. A unique and far out New York City dance and fitness company has the answer for what you’re looking for.

The Brooklyn-based Fun Heals Everything is the only place in the greater New York City area where you’ll find “Dancorism.” If you are already extremely confused, not to worry — I’ll explain. We’ll start with explaining what exactly “Dancorism” means. Fun Heals Everything describes Dancorism (which is a trademarked term) as a spiritual fitness full of fun music and good vibes and energy. It also includes a series of stretches, dancing and meditation to make you feel “happy, sexy and strong.”

It was all born from the mind of Debbie Attias. Not only is it the name of her business, but Attias lives by the mantra of Fun Heals Everything.

“I am a free spirit Sagittarius who was born in Panama, raised in Miami, and grew up in New York City,” she states on her website. “I have followed my heart all over the world – singing, dancing, teaching, making friends, and bringing people together to celebrate life. My gift to you is experiential.”

Attias has always been a lover of the arts, as she received a degree in photography from New York University and travelled the world as a performance artist with her band, Avenue D. Over the years, she has studied meditation, yoga, and sound and meditation healing to name a few. After combining all her experiences and knowledge she came up with her very unique Dancorism class to share her passion with others.

“This is a unique class that I have created,” she said. “It is deep energy work disguised as a fun dance party workout.”

Now, you can find Attias around New York teaching her Dancorism classes, leading international retreats, organizing music and DJs for special events and offering a variety of private “healing” sessions.

For only $15 you can take part in one of the Fun Heals Everything weekly Dancorism classes to boost your mood. The class takes place every Wednesday night from 8-9p.m. at the Park Church Co-Op in Brooklyn. As far as this city goes, it’s a pretty inexpensive way to participate in fitness and fun.

Reviewers on the website said the class left them feeling “happier, freer and lighter” than before, and the experience was “better than therapy” for them.

Attias also offers options for private Dancorism classes as well as the option to book it for an event.

If you try out one of the open classes and really feel changed, you might be interested in attending a Fun Heals Everything retreat. This summer’s program will be held in Upstate New York and provides a getaway from the city to unwind and rejuvenate. Participants will enjoy morning meditations with nature, along with tarot readings, a solstice ritual, hiking and swimming and of course lots of Dancorism.

Debbie Attias founded Fun Heals everything and hosts unique fitness and wellness events (Photo: Fun Heals Everything).

If you’re looking for other ways to quiet your mind and get in tune with your inner self, Attias’ extensive training allows her to offer a variety of healing sessions to suit your needs. She offers sessions in various “modalities” like tarot, yoga, meditation, reiki, breathwork, and sound healing. These classes can be taking in combinations or alone in 30, 60 or 90 minute sessions. Price depends on the class type and the length of the session you choose.

In “Sound Healing” specific sound frequencies are used to “bring your vibrations into harmony.” While “Breathwork” is described as an “intense journey” that focuses on using specific breathing patterns to  “shift states of consciousness into deep healing and meditation.” These healing sessions in their unique design and topics are not commonly found around the city.

Last but not least Debbie, the Jane-of-all-trades, as mentioned earlier in this article also specializes in DJ’ing. This is another skill she has been crafting for over a decade. From New York to Miami, to across the ocean there’s no where that’s to far for her DJ’ing, where she brings jams to special events and weddings. She said she, of course, only focuses on music that makes people “feel good and want to dance.”

If you’re looking for a class unlike anything else in or around New York City, Fun Heals Everything has the option for you. Dancorism is one-of-a-kind and can only be done here, but it looks like a sure way to get your heart healthy and happy.

“This is a class for everyone,” Attias said. “The primary goal of this class is to get happy and feel good and you can take it at whatever pace you like. It is an aerobic class, but you are having so much fun that you don’t even notice that you are exercising.”