New life breathed into ancient Greek wisdom with Greekalicious

Maria Benardis, founder of Greekalicious, helps her customers to uncover the power of the traditional Greek diet (the Greek word for diet literally means “way of life”) to enact positive change in all aspects of their lives.



“I adopt ancient Greek wisdoms and philosophies as a background for my work and healing practice. I use my senses and my soul to guide me and navigate me. I adopt a spiritual mind, body and spirit approach to dig deep and to help people and to empower them.” says Maria Benardis.

You may be wondering, if I am not Greek, is this philosophy for me? Fortunately, Maria believes that it absolutely can be. The Greek diet has long been regarded as one of the healthiest and most enjoyably maintainable lifestyles in the world. With a generally good balance of fruits, vegetables, healthy fats, lean proteins, and fibrous grains, there is little left to be desired. The process of cooking and interacting with family and community are equally important pillars of this philosophy. It isn’t only about the physical components of the meal you are preparing, but your state of being whilst preparing and enjoying mealtime.

As cited on Maria’s Greekalicious website, “In the words of Hippocrates (The Father of Medicine), ‘let food be thy medicine and medicine thy food’ (achieving better health by what you eat, how you cook and how you eat), and ‘natural forces within us are the true healers of disease’ (achieving a better connection with yourself by what you think and feel emotionally, and how you think and feel emotionally).”

Plus, who can resist something as delicious and beautiful as Maria’s Santorini tomato filo pies?

Greekalicious teaches students the art of Greek cuisine.

Greekalicious was founded by someone with the expertise and know-how necessary to create something really special. Maria Benardis has worn many hats since she launched into her career as a food and wellness expert. She is a Gourmand Award winning author who has successfully written three books (My Greek Family Table, Cooking & Eating Wisdom for Better Health, and Greekalicious Feast), with a fourth to come out this month. She is a motivational speaker and health and wellness coach. She blogs about food, as seen in The Huffington Post and Mind Body Green. She has been featured by The New York Times, Vogue, and The Today Show. She has taught classes at various well-known facilities such as Brooklyn Kitchen, Sur La Table, Natural Goourmet Institute, and Haven’s Kitchen. She even created the “Healing Ingredients of Greece” glossary in one of her books to better highlight ingredients that have the power to heal the body.

“I use myself as validation that one can do all things if they put their mind to it and decide to do so. I left my tax and accounting profession of over 20 years to pursue my passion for food with no experience and built a successful food business and published 4 books. If we dig deep into our soul, and use our senses to guide us and our intuition to navigate us, we can make any dream or anything our hearts desire a success.” says Benardis.

But why is Benardis so passionate about the healing properties of a healthy Greek diet? What made her throw away her comfortable life in a very successful accounting career to focus all of her time and energy on this new venture?

When she was quite young, Benardis was diagnosed with multiple illnesses, including all-over-body precancerous cysts. The doctors told her that they were incurable, and that she would not be able to make a recovery from her ailments. Many fruitless surgeries and much frustration later, to the shock of the doctors and Maria herself, she managed to heal. She claims that she owes it all to ancient Greek wisdom and philosophy, which guided her to the lifestyle that saved her. Nothing means more to her than sharing these practices with the world, in order to help others in the way that she was able to help herself.

According to Benardis, “While offering live demos of classic and contemporary Greek cuisine, Maria imparts the wisdom of ancient Greek doctors and philosophers, recounts dramatic narratives from Greek mythology, shares personal anecdotes from her life on the Greek islands, and perhaps most importantly, tells the inspirational story of her extraordinary transformation.”

Maria Benardis helps students discover the Greek diet (or “way of life”).

Whatever your unique needs are, Greekalicious offers something that will help transform your life. Not only does Maria Benardis sell her own cookbooks and a line of organic products (including olive oil, the Manifestation Planner and Organizer, and aprons); she also teaches public and private cooking classes, speaks at events, performs restaurant consultations, does health and wellness coaching, leads grocery shopping tours, and will help individuals and families with their home and kitchen organizing projects. She firmly believes that everyone has the ability to improve their own quality of life by embracing the tools that they already possess, but many just don’t know it yet.

“These wisdoms and philosophies enlighten us to cleanse and detoxify our diet, emotions, thoughts, and environment to achieve optimal health and longevity. You have all the answers within you. I coach you and awaken you to your own self-healing powers and potential.” says Benardis.