The power of oils and plants & a certified aromatherapy program

Aromatherapy is all the new craze as more and more people are getting into using essential oils for their well-being, and one New York City company is teaching others how to jump on board in the business.

While many think aromatherapy is just consists of a bunch of random fragrances, The New York Institute of Aromatherapy believes it goes beyond that and has the ability to heal people, treating their mind, body and emotions.

As the only school for in-person aromatherapy certification in the region, NYIOA offers a one-of-a-kind experience and curriculum to its students. The school was founded in 2013 by certified aromatherapist, organic-beauty consultant and holistic-living advocate Amy Galper. Galper even has her own award-winning line of beauty products and is obviously no stranger to understanding the power of plants.

According to the National Cancer Institute, aromatherapy can be useful to patients with cancer, as they can use it to improve their quality of life by reducing stress and anxiety. They believe essential oils, often inhaled or applied to the skin, may work by sending chemical messages to the brain, affecting emotions and moods.

Galper said NYIOA strives to offer a “sensory, hands-on, lively and intensely interactive” teaching environment for its students.

“You’ll not only gain professional skills, but workshop them,” she added. “You’ll learn with, and from, the other students around you. You’ll get to see, smell, and touch the amazing power of plants. And because we make it fun, you’ll love being a part of it.”

Today, the institute attracts students from around the globe who are seeking to understand and learn the world of aromatherapy through their workshops, retreats and certification programs. So far, more than 400 students have successfully participated in their programs. They are also one of the few schools certified by the National Association of Holistic Aromatherapy (NAHA).

“Studying here, you’ll learn the vital science and incredible craftsmanship of aromatherapy intimately,” Galper said. “It’s a deep, meaningful, wonderful bond that excites your spirit and your mind, and opens up new possibilities in your life.”

If you have an appetite to learn, you obviously need to start with the basics of aromatherapy. NYIOA offers intensive certification programs, to teach beginners literally everything they need to know to be prepared to get into the business.

The unique program offers well-equiped classrooms for their in-person classes (Photo: NYIOA).

“Our Foundations program was created for anyone interested in a meaningful exploration of aromatherapy and essential oils,” said Galper. “The program is interactive, comprehensive and lively—a guided journey into an intricate, beautiful world.”

Their level one certification program includes a student materials kit of essential oils (with a retail value of $600) and professional instruction. As a full course, classes are spread out over five different days, including 40 live classroom hours, 30 hours of case study time, and another 30 hours of home study

Once you complete and pass the level one certification program, you’ll be in the big leagues, studying to receive your level two certification. This program takes the learning up a notch, including more hours and more in-depth topics, combining both the art and science of aromatherapy. With professionally trained sessions on subjects like botany and chemistry, this class is created for “serious professional and holistic practitioners.”

Over 98 hours of live class time, students will learn how to create bath salts, massage oils, compresses, body wash and much more. Upon completing the level two certification, students will be well prepared to begin or join a business in the complementary health care profession, which is growing rapidly.

Aside from the serious study of certification programs, The New York Institute of Aromatherapy also teaches fun classes and workshops for people of all levels and interests. Whether you need to learn tools of the business, which essential oils will benefit your family’s summer vacation, how to calm your anxiety, how to make a bug repellant and more, they have a variety of classes open to the public.

If you can’t make it to one of the in-person classes, you can sign up for a live stream or online video version of the class instead, where you will still receive expert instruction.

“We are also a unique apothecary that sells over 200 different essential oils and plant-powered ingredients to make your own skin and body care products,” Galper said. “The school hosts world-renown herbalist, perfumers, healers and practitioners to offer up a wide selection of plant based healing and beauty.”

For all things oil and plants, The New York Institute of Aromatherapy offers immersive classes you won’t find anywhere else in New York City. If you want to learn more about natural and holistic remedies for your daily life, this is the place to get you on a healthier path in life.