Kids love getting their hands dirty with Tiny Turnips Kitchen

“I recognize that meal time with kids can be a challenging yet a rewarding experience. Many children develop a love a for preparing meals through child-friendly cooking classes.” says Andrea Kapner, founder and chef of Tiny Turnips Kitchen.

It is no secret that many families struggle to keep their kids on track when it comes to nutrition. But there is a solution to this problem: sign your kids up for a cooking class aimed specifically at giving them the confidence to take ownership of their own meals. This is where Tiny Turnips Kitchen comes in. If you want your little ones to become master chefs with a knack for eating their vegetables, no need to look any further.

Getting to know founder Andrea Kapner is enough of a reason to want to book a class with Tiny Turnips. She is extremely personable and fun, with experience and credentials to boot.

While attending graduate school for nutrition education at Teachers College, Columbia, I spent my summers volunteering on organic farms across the US. I spent those summers harvesting, planting, and tending livestock and honing in my culinary skills.” says Kapner.

She has applied her education in a barrage of ways, from working with pubic schools and non-profits to create curriculum pertaining to nutrition for children, to designing menus for chefs, major media outlets, professional athletes, and fitness specialists, she has done it all.

If you want your kids to try their hand at some delicious and healthy cooking and baking, it is never too early! Kids can begin classes as early as three years old, helping them to develop healthy habits and familiarize them with basic kitchen skills. What’s more, is that they will have an amazing time in the process, and won’t be able to wait until their next lesson.

“Tiny Turnips classes are for EVERYONE! We encourage all students to try everything, even the pickiest of eaters. We find that once the student gets their hands dirty (in the best way) and active in the kitchen, they are more likely to eat what they have made.” says Kapner.

Students get festive with their learning at Tiny Turnips.

Classes come in many forms, from personalized in-home lessons for one child, to play dates, and even larger birthday parties. Your little ones can enjoy themed lessons such as sushi making, dessert decorating, storybooks, and eating the rainbow. Kids will be taken through ingredient selection, walked through the recipes, and encouraged to taste everything as they chop and mix their way to healthy creations. Littler kids will even receive mini lessons on art and reading as well.

As Kapner says, “Cooking with healthy, fresh produce (and seasonal, when possible) allows them to understand the value and nutrition of consuming whole foods.”

The CDC reports that childhood obesity rates in America today are remarkably high. 20% of children ages six through nineteen are obese. This statistic has tripled since just the 1970s. It has been overwhelmingly cited that the best ways to battle this epidemic within your own home are to ensure that your children have the necessary tools to make educated food choices, and to make and eat more meals at home. If you are unsure where to begin, Tiny Turnips may be a perfect place to begin.

In addition to fun cooking classes, the company also offers Grocery Store and Farmer’s Market Tours for families. With the wealth and variety of markets available in every imaginable neighborhood in New York City, it can be daunting to attempt to go it alone. Fortunately, Tiny Turnips will guide you through the entire process, from building a recipe, to creating a household meal plan, tasting new foods, and mastering what to look for and what to avoid in the market.

Founder Andrea Kapner takes a hands-on approach with Tiny Turnips students.

They also provide more specialized learning, including meal prep lessons, basic knife skills, weekly recipe inspiration, and advice for adapting recipes to accommodate specific allergies, illnesses, and lifestyles. If you so desire, Kapner will even personally make a trip to your home to throw out your old problematic ingredients, and restock your pantry and kitchen with everything you could ever need to create healthy meals every day. This multi-talented one-woman-show will even serve as your personal gourmet chef, upon request.

Though Tiny Turnips is all about health and variety, encouraging even the pickiest of eaters to try something new each day, founder Andrea Kapner was not always a master chef, nor was she always an open-minded eater.

“As a former picky eater, surviving on cucumbers and grilled cheese until the age of 12, I can empathize with both child and parent. I still enjoy a tasty grilled cheese with a side cuc, but my pallet has vastly expanded, by cooking on my own, and experimenting with new foods and different tastes.” Arguably, she is her own greatest success story.