Get in touch with your intuition while learning how to use your camera

Photography is an art and just like anything it takes a lot of practice, time and dedication to master the skill. One Manhattan-based business, Art of Intuitive Photography, is hoping to cultivate those skills and ignite the artistic passion within New Yorkers.

In 2010, Mindy Véissid had enough of corporate America and decided it was time for a change. For her, this change came in the form of photography and wanting to share one of her own passions, with those around her. Véissid understands that learning the art of photography is no easy task, as she had her own struggles when taking a photography course. She said herself, that she actually burst out in tears during a photography class when she thought she wasn’t smart enough to figure it out. This is when she decided to do things her own way.

“For those who just want to have fun with photography, I created the Intuitive Photography class – no thinking is allowed,” Véissid said.

To do this, she figured out a way to get around technical training and the traditional classroom. Her goal is to help her students learn in a fun, and not difficult way, while gaining a fresh perspective on the world around them.

“I created this class so we can learn to tap in to the childlike energy we have within us, to see the beauty around us, and have fresh new eyes,” she said.

As an instructor, she takes a more creative approach to her classes, teaching her students how to rely on their intuition for photography. As an award winning photographer and native New Yorker, Véissid finds joy shooting “candid and true” moments that happen around her. She’s worked as an international fine art photographer, instructor and recently even published her own book titled, ‘Art of Intuitive Photography.

A trio of other creative and talented photographers also help Véissid to pull off the show.

Because she enjoys shooting the moments happening all around her in her native city, you will also find that her “classrooms” are in various areas of the city, which she said is the best classroom there is. She offers her instruction and talent for photographers of all ages and levels.

“I hated sitting under florescent lights and listening to my teacher – I wanted to be outside and photograph,” Véissid said.

Adults looking to start a new hobby and cultivate some skills should start in the Art of Intuitive Photography’s introductory class for beginning photographers. For $120 participants will learn everything they need know (as far as the basics go) to feel like they actually know what they’re doing with that fancy camera. Once you master this course, there’s a two hour, “part two” course that explores New York City at night, while learning about the oh-so-intimidating manual mode on your camera.

New York City is your classroom at Art of Intuitive Photography. (Photo: Mindy Veissid)

“The thing is, we all have a different way of learning and I’ve structured our Digital Photography for Beginners class to cover 3 different ways people may learn,” Véissid said. “We keep things simple. We make it fun. After 3 hrs you’ll feel empowered with your camera, not frightened by it. My intent is that you fall in love with photography like I did when I taught myself how to use my camera.”

The program allows offers a range of other adult classes including, photo tours, walkabouts, smartphone photography and both private and Skype lessons. Then of course there it the one-of-a-kind “intuitive photography” course that focuses on teaching you how to “see” better, using your intuition in photography. This course is typically $100 for three hours, but there is also a one hour course on the same topic that’s pay what you wish, with a suggested fee of $20.

It’s never to early to get a new hobby and spark a passion, which is why Art of Intuitive Photography offers various kids and teens programs as well. They offer a one day workshop aimed to teach kids and teens knowledge about cameras and photography in general. This workshop will cost $250 per child and is located on the Upper West Side.

“Learning something new can be hard and frustrating and I want to try to simplify it the best way I can,” Véissid adds. “We listen to our students, we make them feel comfortable about expressing their frustrations. The classes are all give and take.

For a more immersive program, there’s a photography camp program that runs the duration of the summer. Each session lasts for five days and it open for kids ages 9-18. During camp, they will learn how to use their camera, explore New York City and even try their hand at post production work for a grand total of $1,050 per student.

Even if you have the slightest interest in learning more about photography, you’ll benefit at Art of Intuitive Photography, by learning the skills as well as getting an in-depth understanding for the art of it.