Expand on your video editing and filmaking skills

If you’re looking to start a career in film or production, look no further than Manhattan Edit Workshop where you can learn all the tools of the trade to get your career started.

If you’ve ever wondered who is behind some of your favorite television shows and movies, and what it takes to create them, now you can find out. Manhattan Edit Workshop provides thorough and intensive training and instruction for aspiring film makers and editors with expert instructors.   

“We foster a ‘learn by doing’ approach in an atmosphere where mistakes are encouraged as part of the process and the only ‘silly’ question is the one that isn’t asked,” said President Jason Banke. “And we promise to never wear a suit and tie, while still conducting ourselves and our classes with professionalism and respect – both for what we do as a workshop and for what you deserve as a student.”

Here, you’ll find nearly 20 instructors who have real world experience and five-star knowledge of industry. The Downtown Manhattan-based editing business was started in 2002 by filmmaker Josh Apter. Apter begin started the company in between editing his own feature films and finding that there was a need for teachers for various editing programs as well as the art behind the skill.

While future editors can learn in a variety of course types, the Manhattan Edit Workshop’s signature Six Week Intensive Art of Editing Workshop sets them apart from competitors. This unique video editing course in NYC, provides instruction on softwares such as Avid, Premiere Pro, and After Effects. Students are taught by top editors and also get a chance to create a professional reel at the end of the course. The center says this is the only class in the world where you can learn all the leading industry tools and softwares.

“We take the time to work with students on what class, what type of class, and what learning style they need to succeed,” Banke said. “Before a student even walks into our school, we take the time to work with them on what will be the best investment in their education and development.”

If a student doesn’t have the time for a six week course, weekend and one-week classes provide introductory training, all in a hands-on, interactive environment. They also offer custom programs where you can set your own pace based on what topic you’re interested in learning.

“We realize first and foremost that education is an investment in yourself and we work to make it the best that it can be to assist you on your career path, said Banke. “Whether its learning something new or building on your existing skill sets; we make sure you are making the best decisions for you.”

A look at the Color correction workshop at Manhattan Edit Workshop (Photo: Manhattan Edit Workshop)

Wether you’re just getting started or looking to master software and programs with specific courses focused in areas like production, sound design, Apple programs, color correction, or motion graphics, Manhattan Edit Workshop has the right fit for you. Every class is small (typically with a 1:6 teacher to student ratio) to keep the learning environment manageable and to ensure that students have the opportunity to receive individualized attention and work at their own pace.

Students have the option to become certified in the majority of the softwares they offer programs for, which the center believes is beneficial to “provide official recognition of skills and differentiates their students to potential employers or clients.”

If you’re a business owner, their video editing classes also extend to the corporate world with special corporate and group training programs, to get advance your employees’ skills and take your media business to the next level. The group has the option to learn at the Manhattan Edit Workshop’s facilities or right in the comforts of their own offices, learning techniques on non-linear editing, graphics, or effects.

While you’ll pay top-notch prices for their programs, you will get a top-notch education and training according to Banke.

“We don’t charge students to attend a class that has an instructor on a screen in another city,” he said. “You get the in person education that you pay for.”

That education has paid off for a number of Manhattan Edit Workshop alumni whose work can be seen on award-winning Netflix documentaries, Discovery Channel, at well-known advertising agencies, and a number of other reputable media outlets around the city and world.

It seems there’s no service the editing company can’t offer you, as they’ve covered just about anything needed to be successful in the very competitive industry. Aside from classes, lectures, workshops, and other various programs, they even provide studio and edit booth rentals, to assist in your professional endeavors.

If you’re looking to invest and grow in your career, Manhattan Edit Workshop has what you need and can teach you what you’re looking to learn.

“We pride ourselves on having the best resources, computers, and classrooms for all of our students,” said Jason Banke.