Cooking course combines a love for music and cuisine

One New Yorker is setting out to unite his musical talents with his food expertise to change the way we learn how to cook.

At Cooking A Cappella you’ll get an experience like none other in the city. Multi-talented chef, singer and founder Lawrence Rush started the company in 2015. He’s well-qualified for the job, as his background includes working in catering and as a pastry chef, and outside the kitchen, he’s a professional singer, music teacher, composer and lyricist.

These skills are evident once you take a look at his demonstration video featured on his website’s “About Me” page. From the looks of the video, he’s outgoing, entertaining, and clearly has a passion for singing and teaching others how to cook.

Rush believes it’s never too late to learn and anyone is capable. He said he was not always a foodie though, especially when he was a child. 

“I was raised on Velveeta and TV dinners and yet I grew to love and develop a palate for homemade dishes cooked with fresh ingredients with sometimes exotic (to me at the time) flavors,” Rush said.

Some of those “exotic” flavors Rush is referring to  come to life in his classes and menu items, with dishes such as Jagerschnitzel, which is a favorite in Germany, or chicken kabuli, which is an Indian classic. As you can tell, Cooking A Cappella’s courses cover a wide range of cuisine and dishes, and from the convenience of your own kitchen. If your kitchen is too tiny (like most people’s living in New York City) Rush also offers the option of a commercial venue located in Midtown Manhattan. 

To make your process as seamless as possible, Rush will come help you create your menu, as well as a song list (he’s well-versed on an array of musical genres) catered to you and your guests. Whether it’s a birthday party, corporate event, date night, or bachelor or bachelorette party, he has an arsenal of dishes and music to suit your tastes.

“All you need is an open mind and a willingness to learn and you’ll be able to create incredible dishes for yourself, your family and friends,” Rush adds.

While there’s Jagerschnitzel and chicken kabuli, other courses include delicious dishes like filet mignon with Roquefort-walnut sauce, lasagna Bolognese with homemade pasta, Thai chicken with red curry, and a brunch menu  featuring maple-glazed baked apple cider doughnuts. If you can name it, Rush probably offers a lesson. 

An example of a delicious dish you’ll learn how to create at Cooking A Cappella (Photo: Anderson Lim).

To make sure everyone is included and interested, other courses include vegetarian options as well as a variety of cheese tastings featuring cheeses from across the globe.

If you’re more into food than you are tunes, Rush says there’s no pressure to actually do the singing. He adds that the singing is a fun and unique way to bring the participants together and make it a “more enjoyable experience.” To make the course even more adapted to the menu, he typically finds songs that relate to the dishes being created. 

“Very few of the students I have are singers…most can’t carry a tune,” he said. “And that’s fine! This part of the class is totally just for fun!

There are no prices listed on the Cooking A Cappella site, as pricing is determined by venue, party, and menu. However, his website offers a simple request form, so he can provide you with an estimate. This unique set up allows you to create your event and class just the way you want, so you feel as if you get the best bang for your buck. If you want to plan a more intimate date night, that can be arranged, however, if you’re looking to host an enthusiastic group of student-chefs, that can also be arranged. 

You can learn about cuisines from all over the globe at Cooking A Cappella (Photo: Anderson Lim)

If you’re tired of the traditional cooking class and looking to step out of your comfort zone, Cooking A Cappella is the perfect option. Even if you’re really not into stepping out of your comfort zone, you can sign up for a private class, where singing is optional. But for the more adventurous type, you’ll enjoy a serenade while whisking or chopping ingredients and top off every class with a sing-along.

“I truly can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t either benefit from or enjoy this class,” Rush said. “Even if you’re already a seasoned cook, the camaraderie, singing and partaking of the dishes we create will still make for an enjoyable experience.”

So grab your apron, put on that chef’s hat, and embark on a unique cooking adventure you’ll find nowhere else in the Big Apple.