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Cooking A Cappella

Food & Drink

Cooking course combines a love for music and cuisine

One New Yorker is setting out to unite his musical talents with his food expertise to change the way we learn how to cook.

At Cooking A Cappella you’ll get an experience like none other in the city. Multi-talented chef, singer and founder Lawrence Rush started the company in 2015. He’s well-qualified for the job, as his background includes working in catering and as a pastry chef, and outside the kitchen, he’s a professional singer, music teacher, composer and lyricist.

JoMart Chocolates

Food & Drink

Become a chocolatier at a family-run institution

Chocolate lovers unite and make your way to Brooklyn for an opportunity to make your own sweet confections.

If you’re like most people and enjoy the taste of chocolate, you will be in heaven at the Brooklyn-based JoMart Chocolates. The veteran confectioner has been serving up sweet treats to New Yorkers since 1946.

Butter Bean

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Farm-to-table cooking is a blast with Butter Beans

“As a farm-to-table cooking class and camp, we are unique in a sense that we emphasize how our ingredients are grown from seed to table. At each class we highlight the local farmers who provide our ingredients, its connection to the earth, as well as seasonality and sustainability. After each class, we even bring our food scraps to the local composter. We conclude each kids class with a thank you to the farmers who supply our food and to the student chefs who made the meal possible!” Jennifer Lisondra.