Become globally accredited in music production

If you’re a music fanatic and want to take your skills to a new level with a career in music production or spinning records as a disk jockey, you’ve come to the right place. Luckily, New York City is home to Garnish Music Production School where you can learn music production and perhaps win the next Grammy.

Garnish has a unique history, forming its roots across the pond, in a North London Apartment resided by founder Dave Garnish. Garnish started studying music at the age of sixteen, and since has worked in the music field in various capacities, including a deal with Universal Music in the United Kingdom.

Though he founded the Garnish Music Production School in London, he now has locations in Los Angeles and New York City. The school and its studios can now be found in Brooklyn. He says setting up a business in a different country had its own challenges.

“The hardest thing business-wise was learning a new tax and legal system,” Garnish said. “And the stressful thing was getting the E2 visa, so setting up in New York seemed like a no-brainer as I had already done the hard work.”

With the Big Apple branch, he’s able to offer a unique boutique-style school that provides thirteen different music production programs. Garnish said his program is different from most because they offer “Ableton software, UK accreditation, further education, and even year-long courses, taught by a list of Grammy-winning instructors.

If you’re just getting your feet wet and needing help to start, Garnish Music offers short, 36 hour courses focusing on software and songwriting and professional tools. For those strapped for time, there are also online courses that provide certification. A comprehensive 120 hour course will take you from beginner to advanced when it comes to Ableton software.

The majority of their courses are taught in “101” and “201” levels depending on your skill set. These courses are taught over a range of dates and offered in different “semesters.”

Students can become globally accredited at Garnish Music (Photo: Dave Garnish)

While you probably want to be pretty serious about getting into a music career as the courses and programs cost a pretty penny, Garnish believes anyone has what it takes to learn the skills.

“I don’t think there is anyone not capable of learning music production to a level where they are enjoying it,” he said. “It may not be everyone’s cup of tea in the first place and that would be the biggest hurdle!”

For intermediate level music producers you can work your way up the ladder with their “Producer Courses” in sound design and mixing & mastering.

If you’re on the career path and have some serious talents, their longer, diploma programs  (set to begin next year) offer songwriting or electronic music producer programs. In these programs, you’ll be writing, producing, engineering and mixing with various programs, to become globally accredited. You’ll need to be dedicated as this program takes at least 360 class hours and a lot of time in the studio (which is provided “uncapped” for diploma students). Tuition for the program comes in at a little over $8,000, but luckily, they also offer payment plans.

“They say to master anything alone takes 10,000 hours of practice,” Garnish said. “What we do is cut down that hour count. By how much depends on a number of contributing factors, like how hard the learner works during and outside of the course hours, and how naturally gifted they are in the first place.”

Garnish added that the school aims to help learners cut down that time to anything between 1,000 and 9,000 hours, setting them apart from others in the industry. 

Garnish offers courses in music production softwares (Photo: Dave Garnish).

“So the question of how we are different is that we tell it like it is and not promise the earth; we don’t have a magic wand and nor does anyone else,” he said. “We don’t waffle on about industry connections, we just say check out what our past and present learners are up to here.”

For those not interesting in their small class setting, private instruction is offered from everything including courses to the diploma programs. It will cost you more, but you’ll receive one-on-one training to ensure you learn everything there is to know.

For young learners, they even offer a one-of-a-kind summer camp program where they will learn the tools  of music production just as the adults and pros do it. During camp, kids will learn the art of mixing music, the science of recording music and its many elements, and even learn all the ins and outs of the music business.

Whatever age or skill level you find yourself at, there’s a place for you to learn, with a chance of becoming globally accredited at Garnish Music Production school in New York.