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Cutting edge becomes approachable with NY Gallery Tours

“People who are scared of inventiveness, of outrageousness, of artists questioning the very nature of what art is, will not enjoy my tours. People who are looking to see “pretty” art that would go great with the color scheme in their living rooms will find the cutting edge art that I show them to be too mind-boggling.” -Rafael Risemberg.


Arts & Design


Authenticity and artistry shared through Indian dance at Ajna

“Authenticity and artistry are paramount at Ajna. We really focus on passing down the dance techniques we learned from our teachers to our students and on teaching them the context of the styles we are teaching. We believe this promotes both a greater understanding of and a greater love for the art forms we are sharing. All our classes, including the advanced levels, and the classical technique courses, are diverse.” says Shachi Phene, Assistant Director at Ajna Dance.

Butter Bean

Food & Drink


Farm-to-table cooking is a blast with Butter Beans

“As a farm-to-table cooking class and camp, we are unique in a sense that we emphasize how our ingredients are grown from seed to table. At each class we highlight the local farmers who provide our ingredients, its connection to the earth, as well as seasonality and sustainability. After each class, we even bring our food scraps to the local composter. We conclude each kids class with a thank you to the farmers who supply our food and to the student chefs who made the meal possible!” Jennifer Lisondra.